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G.E.M. - DIGIMON TAMERS - Renamon & Makino Ruki (repeat)

From "Digimon Tamers", the popular cool beauty characters "Lenamon" and "Ruhime Makino" are back in the GEM Digimon series!

Toruhime looks like a "Digimon Queen", and with the Digimon card in hand, poses with a dignified look into a three-dimensional pose.

By using the replacement parts, you can enjoy the scene of card slash with the included "Digivice (Deark)" in your hand! The partner Digimon's Renamon will also be made into a three-dimensional pose by pairing it with Toruhime, and by arranging them side by side, you can feel the bond with your partner more.

Each head has a ball joint type, so you can enjoy various situations by changing the angle!
"Gilmon & Keito Matsuda [resale]" will be ordered at the same time, so do not miss it for all Digimon Tamers fans!

Ruki Makino: Height approx. 115 mm
Renamon: Height approx. 130 mm