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Dororo - Hyakkimaru - 1/8th Scale Figure

From the TV anime "Dororo", Hyakkimaru has become a figure on an overwhelming 1/8 scale.
Bundles fluttering in the wind are expressed with dynamic and delicate modeling. The wrinkles and texture of the costume are also carefully shaped.
Thorough modeling of strong whole body muscles and the texture of prosthetic hands and legs.
The gradation and weathering paint applied to the whole body make it a figure that conveys the fierce and harsh fate carried by Hyakkimaru.
Both arms come with both a prosthetic hand and a sword. In addition to the normal emotionless expression, face parts with prosthetic hands can be replaced, so you can enjoy various combinations.

Standing in the wilderness with a hollow expression, Hyakkimaru is carefully shaped with the bundling hair and costumes that flutter in the wind, the strong muscles and the differences in the texture of the prosthetic hands and legs, the gradation painting applied to the whole body, the return blood and The expression of worn cloth is expressed by weathering paint.
This is a figure that conveys the fierce fate and enthusiasm carried by Hyakkimaru.

In addition to the usual emotionless and vacant expression, face parts holding a prosthetic hand are set.

Both arms are set with two types of prosthetic hand and sword. You can enjoy various combinations with face parts.

Material: PVC, ABS
Height: about 280mm