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EVANGELION : 3.0 YOU CAN (NOT) REDO - Evangelion Test Type - 01 Awake Ver


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Reproduce 3 types with "selection type" First Unit Awakening Ver. Appears!

The Evangelion Awakening Ver. Of "Evangelion New Theatrical Version" is commercialized in the Kotobukiya Plakit series!
The color of the awake state is changed by changing the molding color while maintaining the fusion of the precise joint design by CAD design and the sophisticated form created by the prototype master at the first `` Evangelion first machine '' Reproduction.
In addition, we have commercialized a new type of parts that can reproduce the transition of pseudo-synthesizing first awakening form.

[Gimmick commentary]

-Three types of head: From the normal state to the end of the play where the awakening progressed, it is divided into three forms and reproduced in a selective manner.
● Two types of chest: The awake chest is selectively reproduced in addition to the normal chest.
● Two types of left arm: In addition to the normal left arm, the left arm that is energized after the loss in the play is selectively reproduced.
-Halo: Reproduce the halo when awake.
-Opening gimmick: movable and reproduced. As in the play, open and close after the jaw goes down one step.
● Movement of the entry plug: The entry plug is pulled out in conjunction with the movement of the rear block.
● Knee joint movement: The front of the thigh and the kneecap move in conjunction.
-Expansion of the shoulder knife storage section: reproduced with replacement parts.
-Linked movement of the neck joint: The throat is linked and movable when facing up.

■ Attached wrist A
grip fist (left and right), a flat hand (left and right), a gun handle (left and right), a knife handle (left and right), a finger with a warped shape (left and right), and a gripped flat hand (left and right) are included.
Awake wrist, clenched fist (left), flat hand (left), warped finger flat (left), and grab-shaped flat hand (left) are also included.
The scene in the play can be reproduced with abundant wrist parts.

■ Partly painted parts and clear parts
● Some parts such as eyes, chin tip, chest armor, neck, mouth part when awake, etc. are painted.
-Eyes (2 types of awakening), chest core, halo & halo support parts, left arm each molded with clear parts that image the play.

Just by assembling, the first Evangelion Awakening Ver. Close to the image in the play can be reproduced. 


  • Material : PS, ABS, PE
  • 1/400 Scale. Approximately 210mm in height.