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Figuarts Zero - One Piece - Extra Battle Three Admirals Borsalino - Kizaru

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From "One Piece", the Navy's highest power, "3 Majors", has appeared for 3 consecutive months! ! (GOLD STICKER)

From "One Piece", the "three generals" consisting of three overwhelmingly strong "Sakazuki", "Kuzan" and "Borsalino" are three-dimensional!
Reproduce the amazing strength and dignity that makes you feel even fear.

Pay attention to the special "light" effect of Borsalino that attacks at the speed of light with the power of shiny fruit!
The expression that allows you to fight at your own pace according to your life is unique to Borsalino. Modeling that focuses on the balance when arranging 3 bodies. Posing is also a point.

Product specifications
Overall height: Approx. 215 mm Material: PVC, ABS
-Main body (including effects) ;Special pedestal set