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Figuarts Zero - One Piece - King of Snipers Sogeking Usopp

ONE PIECE comic cover as it is three-dimensional!
11 standard figures appeared in Figuarts ZERO!

The fourth edition, “King of Snipers Sogeking Usopp”, is usually focused on the cool pose with the galactic pachinko by the Usopp who is the tune!! 

In addition to the replacement goggles parts, an optional replacement facial part for "Straw Hat Luffy" (scheduled for release in July 2019) and "Cat Burglar Nami" (scheduled for release in August 2019) is also included with this product.

Set Contents

・ Main body
・ Dedicated pedestal set
・ Usopp goggles
・ Optional facial expression parts for Straw Hat Luffy
・ Optional facial expression parts for Cat Burglar Nami

  • Product size: Tall: 120mm
  • Material: PVC, ABS