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Touhou Project - Chibikko Doll Touhou project Flandre Scarlet

Can you play with me?

From Touhou project, Flandre Scarlet comes up as a little doll! Flapping its seven-colored wings and rampaging it at your hand! It comes with a perfect size Reyvateine, so you can take a variety of poses that are cool and cute. A crazy face and a three-eyed doll eye are also included in the included parts, so you can combine them as you like to recreate the cuteness and a little dreadfulness. The dedicated pedestal is a rich chair! You can also sit pretty and decorate your room. Please develop Benimakan at hand

Specification :
  • Size: Height about 10cm
  • Material: ATBC-PVC/ABS

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.