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Groove Pullip - Patricia

 Japanese Lolita Fashion Brand “Angelic Pretty” new collaboration doll. Clothes that were actually sold were reproduced in doll size.

Luxurious dress with plenty of glittering stones and lace. Because it is separated by a blouse and dress, you can enjoy different coordination by changing clothes!
The hairstyle is a dignified up hair. The design behind the dress is easy to see and the back is cute. The makeup is summarized in pink and the matte lip color is impressive. Eyes are shinning like jewelry.

Feeling:All Girls are Jewels with their own Radiance… If you’re with me, you’ll find your own beautiful shine…Feel Like So.
Specifications :
Accessories: Tiara, Doll Stand
Set Contents: One-Piece Dress, Blouse, Tights, Shoes, Tiara
-Size: about 12 inch
-Package: Window Box
-Material: HIPS ABS, ATBC PVC, Dress