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Hexa Gear - Governor Warmage Hetzer


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Release date : NOV 2020 ; Est. arrive in 1-2 month after release date

Order by 26 JUL'20 / Sun, if not you may have a lower chance to secure this item.

Combat preparation complete.Start your engines.

[Airframe description]
refers to a governor wearing a "thinking operation type turbo protector" equipped with the Brain Machine Interface (BMI) developed and manufactured by BMI Gramsite as standard.
BMI is originally a technological system advanced for medical purposes.
When working with "artificial limb" was mounted in order to compensate for the limbs wounded have lost as a result of battle, embed in the brain
, but were those to allow the "sensuous" by thinking through or the equipment, this The new armor for advanced infantry was the armor, which
enabled the technology to be applied to the entire exterior of the human body and operated through the combat helm that was worn

Through the BMI, the wearer can improve the physical ability beyond the limit of the human body,
and can obtain superhuman ability without being influenced by the original ability.

In addition, this thought operation can also be diverted to the operation of the Hexa Gear on board
, dramatically changing the behavior of the adapted 2.5 generation Hexa Gear, and the "Steel
Giant" including Bulk Arm Grants himself. The governor, who operates as freely as the human body
, will be called "Warmage" , the "war magician" .

On the other hand, BMI has
the drawback that it imposes a great burden on the user's cranial nerves because of the characteristic that all BMIs are manipulated by thinking regardless of the form of the equipment . In particular, the addition of limbs and
the operation of functions that expand organs and sensations that do not originally exist in the human body
impose a transformation called optimization for the user's cranial nerves, and long-term use involves risks.

[Thinking operation type turbo protector: Type Hetzer] The
most standard model of armor used by Warmage. Still advanced technology at that time
strengthening the exterior part of the whole body except for the BMI was is excellent in mass production, Erma appeared in the era after the
Taipu: pawn耐極limit environmental technologies and armor material of another system on the basis of this equipment
It will be developed and coordinated with the technology .

There are a wide variety of armaments to use, but it has two submachine guns as standard equipment. The benefits of
equipping the left and right arms with
BMI, such as being able to focus on individual targets and accurately aim while controlling recoil . A multi-tracker is available as an option, and
it is possible to greatly enhance visual information by mounting it.

Onboard weapons
■ Submachine gun

[Product specifications]
■While it is a small size with a total height of 76 mm, "28 places on the whole body" are movable,
so you can play while standing on knees or in various poses .
■ Since the joint of the neck can be moved back and forth, a wide range of poses such as "pulling the chin" and "looking diagonally upward"
are possible.
■ The ankle is movable and boasts high ground contact.
■The main sensor part on the front of the head is a painted part, and it can be replaced with the optional
multi-tracker part.
■The attached submachine gun can be attached to the thigh using attachment parts.
■ Hexagram connector on the back and 3mm holes on the thigh and back of the waist
allow various parts to be attached.
■ By using the included "extended attachment" for the forearm,
you can attach parts with a 3mm hole .
■The molding color of the main body is 5 colors of "light brown" "warm gray" "light gray" "dark gray
" "black".

■Submachine gun x2
■Mount parts for submachine gun x2 
Option parts for head "Multi Tracker" x1
■Expansion attachment for forearm x1
■Wrist parts (grip, open hand, weapon holding) Each left and right Minutes
■ PVC hexagram × 1
■ Archive card × 1

Painted non scale PS/ABS/POM/PVC (non-phthalic acid) figure. Approximately 76mm in height.

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.