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Little Armory LD028 Snipping Tool A

Sniper missions are difficult. Under various terrains and environments, they will be lined up so that they cannot be found by the enemy, ambush for a long time, do not miss the opportunity of a moment, and hit a target of about 10 g to a target 1 km away. In order to overcome these difficulties, snipers need to utilize various tools.

This work is a model reproduction of such a "tool set" for sniping. Rifle bags, tripods, binoculars, monoculars, sensors, mobile terminals, etc. Please enjoy it in combination with the sniper gun sold separately.

*The rifle bag is made of colored soft resin so that it can be easily matched with the figure.

Specification : 1/12 scale
runner assembly kit
PS resin
backpack: PVC

Product Size : 10cm in total length

Package : Sack Box (W210 × H210 × D40mm)

Set content:・Tripod system (2 types)
・Spotting scope ・Binoculars ・Wind speed sensor
・Laser range finder ・PDA for ballistic calculation
・Backpack for carrying rifles and equipment