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LITTLE ARMORY - LADF03 - Dolls front line GrG36 type

Disclaimer : Not available for international orders as shipment of toy guns are restricted in many countries.

Welcome to the front line of "girls" who can enter the smoke. A collaboration between the popular Dolls Frontline, a popular simulation and strategy simulation game from China, and the Little Armory series of firearm models featuring a package of armed uniform girls!

Three-dimensionalized full-size base model "G36". The built-in 2-stage sighting device is also reproduced. The magazine is made of translucent resin, and you can enjoy a more realistic appearance by inserting it inside and coloring it. Also, a Gr G36 special illustration card is included.

Specification 1/12 scale
runner kit (achromatic)
resin (PS)
* Use of adhesive for plastic model is recommended
Product size Total length about 8 cm