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LITTLE ARMORY - LD026 - Melee weapon set A

The theme of this work is "Melee Battle". We modeled various melee weapons used in melee combat and tools used for trench construction etc. on 1/12 scale. Most of them are designed with only one part that is separated from the runner, but the chainsaw is an assembly type with separate parts for the engine / fuel tank and cutting attachment. (Partly painted with silver)

specification 1/12 scale
runner assembly kit
PS resin (gray)
set content ・ Chainsaw ・ Large Hammer ・ Large Ax
・ Excavator ・ Duct Tape ・ Large Handy Light
・ Fighting Knife ・ Survival Knife
・ Folding Knife ・ Kalambait Knife
・ Machete ・ Tactical Tomahawk