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Little Armory - LD031 Weapons Room B

We have a lineup of gun rack sets that image the "arms room" of the designated defense school.Corner connection parts and large hooks are added to the set equivalent to gun racks B, C, E. In addition, the smart grenade launcher XM25 type (molding color: tan) is included. Added container paper craft. (Profit from purchasing separately) It is a size that is easy to use not only for the display of various firearms of Little Armory, but also for the display of SF mechanical such as 1/144 scale.

Set Content : Wall surface ×6 ,Floor surface ×3 ,Gun locker with drawer ×1 ,Handgun stand (for 4) ×6, Stand -alone stand rack ×2 ,Gun rest ×2,Hook ×20 ,Large hook ×2 ・3 hooks ×4, connecting parts ×10 , corner connecting parts ×2 , XM25 ×1, paper craft ×2 , transparent sticker ×1

Specification : 1/12 scale, runner assembly kit, made of PS resin

Package: Sack box (W210 x H210 x D120 mm)