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Little Armory - LA006 - M240G Type

Disclaimer : Not available for international orders as shipment of toy guns are restricted in many countries.

1/12 scale assembly kit "Little Armory" series latest work! The 3rd model is a super short-barrel rifle "Mk18Mod0 type" for CQB (close combat) and "M240G type" in which the exposed barrel is impressive Change. It is a part composition conscious of the dividing line of a real gun, and it is possible to reproduce any figure such as the figure during field stripping and the presence or absence of optics.

Specification : 1/12 scale 
runner kit (achromatic color) 
black resin (made by PS), only soft band made of yellowish soft resin 
※ We recommend the use of adhesive for plastic model

Product Size : Approximately 10 cm in total length

Package : Sack Box (W130 x H 210 x D 20 mm)