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Little Armory - LA049 - M9 & M93R Type

Key man guard, special operation handgun M93R. It is based on the same model 92 as the M9, but with a long barrel long magazine, this is a selective fire model that is semi-automatic and capable of three bursts. The kit reproduces various shapes of M9 and M93R. Reproduce the three shapes before and after the hammer up and down slide. The option is the M9 bayonet, which can be installed on the M4A1 type 2.0 released at the same time .

Specification : 1/12 scale 
runner kit (achromatic color) 
made of resin (PS) 
※ We recommend the use of adhesive for plastic model

Product Size : Total length: No stock About 2 cm in 
   stock about 5 cm

Package : Sack box (with 6 inner box) W130 x H210 x D20 mm