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Little Armory - LD009 - M2 double machine gun (anti-aircraft gun rack)

1/12 scale assembly kit "Little Armory" that combines a combination of realism and movable figures. As the first installation type machine gun in the series, heavy machine gun masterpiece "Browning M2" with anti-aircraft gun rack with three-dimensional. It is a volume that can be enjoyed as a pure scale model

Specification : 1/12 Scale 
Runner Kit (Achromatic) 
Resin (PS) 
Body: OD · Black 
Elastic Band: Gold (Soft resin) 
※ Use of plastic model adhesive is recommended

Product Content : · Browning M2HB body 
· M63 anti-air mount 
· anti-air sight device 
· 12.7mm bullet belt link × 2.1 · 
Ammunition box for 12.7mm bullet × 2

Product Size : Approximately L140 x W 80 x H 100 mm (including gun rack)

 Package : Sack box (W210 x D 210 x H 40 mm)