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Little Armory - LD016 - Browning M2HB

Reproduce the infantry ground combat type equipped with the highly requested M3 tripod. Ammunition box and bullets are included. The feed cover is movable open and close. In addition, the machine gun mount M23 gun mount with an ammunition box tray is also included, so this heavy machine gun can be installed in various places.

Specification : 1/12 Scale 
Runner Kit (Achromatic) 
Resin (PS) 
Body: OD · Black 
Elastic Band: Gold (Soft resin) 
※ We recommend using a plastic model adhesive

Product Content : - Browning M2HB body - M3 tripod 
- M23 vehicle gun rack
- 12.7mm bullet belt link x 2.1
- Ammunition box for 12.7mm bullets x 1

Product Size : About L16 x W9 x H4 cm (including tripod)

 Package : Sack box (W210 x H210 x D 40 mm)