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Little Armory - LS01 - 89 type rifle (Closing force specification) Toyosaki Ena mission pack

Disclaimer : Not available for international orders as shipment of toy guns are restricted in many countries.

Series birth 5th anniversary plan! We develop goods which kit, work mat, and comic booklet became one set! Please thoroughly enjoy the automatic weapon "89 type rifle" of the Self-Defense Forces and the designated defense school student "Tenozaki Ena" with cartoons and models.

Specification : 1/12 scale 
runner kit (made in PS: black resin) 
rubber mat (made in PVC rubber) 
booklet (color cover 20 pages A5 version booklet)

Product Size : 89 type rifle: Total length about 8 cm 
rubber gun mat: about 19 × 14 cm

 Package : Sack box (W150 x H 215 x D 28 mm)