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Love Live ! Sunshine !!

LoveLive!SunShine!! - Hanamaru Kunikida: Blu-ray Jacket Ver. - 1/7 Scale Figure

STOCK ARRIVAL : July 2019 - Coming Soon - 

Hanamaru Kunikida joins the WithFans! Blu-ray jacket series!

From the anime series "LoveLive!Sunshine!!" comes a 1/7th scale figure of Hanamaru Kunikida based on the illustration that was used as a jacket illustration for the one of the Blu-rays of the first season! Hanamaru has been sculpted with a beautiful smile on her face as she holds out her ice-cream toward you! The wind blowing gently through her hair and the attention to detail of the various textures make for a figure filled with highlights that fans are sure to enjoy by their side!

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Approximately 180mm in height