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Lucrea - Aikatsu! - KIRIYA AOI - Blue Stage Costume


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Order by 22 Sept'19 / Sun, if not you may have a lower chance to secure this!

Lucrea Aikatsu! In the third part of the series, Ichigo Hoshimiya's best friend “Aoi Kiriya” appears on 1/7 scale!
The detailed flow of the side tail, the cute standing figure, and the expression of the hand are fully modeled.
The wink face and gestures are filled with her cuteness.
Come to this "not calm!" ”Please feel the aura.

Also sold separately, "Lucrea Aikatsu! "Hoshimiya Strawberry Pink Stage Coordination" "Lucrea Aikatsu! The view of the world and its charm will be enhanced by decorating it with “Ranpuki Ran purple stage coordination”!

A special visual sheet designed by Tomoyuki Uchiko is included as a premium bandai and Megatre Shop exclusive benefit.

Approximately 220mm in height