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MASKED RIDER KUUGA Ultimate Article Mighty Form

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Super transformation! Now, change the legend hot!
The UA series combines supreme detail and gimmicks and delivers on a powerful scale full of presence.
Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the start of the broadcast, "Kamen Rider Kuuga Mighty Form", which is popular as the first rider in Heisei, is finally here! .
The large scale of about 40cm! Lint characters engraved on the body, the details thoroughly reproduced down to the mask details boast an overwhelming presence.
In addition, the super ancient energy dwelling in the whole body is reproduced by LED gimmick.
The compound AIDS (eye), symbol points (forehead), and arcle (belt) are all turned on slowly with the switch ON1, and the high-speed rotating light emission action of the arcle is activated by switching to ON2!
In addition to the powerful “transformation” by replacing the included optional arm, you can enjoy two types of familiar “thumbs-up” poses.
Please enjoy the highest peak solidified the charm of Kuuga at hand.


  • Height aprox 400mm
  • Body (color already finished product), dedicated pedestal, the strut arm partsarm parts left and right for exchange
  • Pedestal for seal
  • LED light-emitting gimmick built (Compound Eyes (eye), the symbol points (forehead), Arkle (belt))
  • Single 4 batteries x 3 (sold separately)