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Chozokado Raoh


Death Is Not an Escape.

" Fist of the North Star " is participating in the [Super Image Movable] released by Medicos Entertainment one after another !! The second in the series is the four brothers and eldest brothers of the Hokuto, the end-of-the-century champion Kenoh "Raoh" !!!Tetsuo Hara's thorough modeling The ultimate beauty of modeling under the supervision of coloring !! With a large volume body exceeding 200 mm and abundant movable range, many exciting techniques in the play can be reproduced!
A solitary man who has pursued the ambition to unify the turbulent world with power, Kenoh , the champion at the end of the century, is back here !! In addition to head parts with different facial expressions, a wealth of optional parts such as hand parts and effects are included!

              material / PVC & ABS & nylon
               painted action figure
              set includes / body, optional parts, pedestal
              size / Height approx 210mm

              The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.