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Naruto ChimiMega Buddy Series Iruka Umino & Naruto Uzumaki Set

The fourth addition to the Naruto ChimiMega Buddy Series! This time we have gone back to the very beginning of the series to when Naruto was still young learning with Iruka-sensei! The cheerful Naruto and gentle smile on Iruka captures the relationship between the two perfectly.

This is a set of two figures that each stand around 65mm in height, they are quick and easy to display right out of the box. The heads are also connected with a ball joint allowing or slightly different nuances when putting them on display.

Orders from PREMIUM BANDAI or the MEGATREA SHOP will also include an illustration sheet featuring an original illustration of the two enjoying ramen by Yuupon.

Specifications: Set of two pre-painted figures. Each approx. 65mm in height.

The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different than the final product.