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Mobile Suit Gundam Realistic Model Series 1/144 Scale HGUC Series White Base Catapult Deck Renewal Edition (repeat)

The "White Base Catapult Deck Renewal edition" from "Mobile Suit Gundam" is back in the popular Realistic Model Series! The Earth Federation Army "White Base" catapult deck that appears in the story has a large volume of 1/144 scale (total length of about 500 mm)!

You can enjoy a powerful diorama display by combining your existing Gunpla HGUC series. As a renewal point of this time, the handrail parts have been improved to a sharper image with a new mold. In addition, "molding color + gradation coloring" was added to the main body panel line, and it was reborn with a more profound feeling just by assembling. Also, a marking decal that can be freely attached is included for those who want to improve the detail even more! It can be enjoyed by beginners of plastic models to advanced users who aim for a more authentic finish.

-Product Overview-
● 3 MS hangers are included to support both TV and theater versions.
-Reproduce the boarding and reclining conditions.
●The catapult deck can be rearranged to recreate the maintenance dog scene, and the MS arm can be used.
●It can be transformed into a long catapult with a maximum total length of approximately 1,000 mm. 

-Including the Bandai Gunpla series, you can further expand the world of "Mobile Suit Gundam" by using "Builders Parts 1/144 System Weapon" and "Builders Parts HD 1/144MS Figure 01". (Sold separately)

    Total length approx. 500 mm (maximum approx. 1,000 mm) *When assembled

    ●Partly assembled by the customer (partially assembled, pre-colored) [Set contents] White base catapult deck × 1, MS hanger × 3, arm large/arm small × 1 each, concourse × 3, catapult × 1 Base, attachment large/small x 2 each, marking decal (water transfer) x 1 *Gunpla in the image is sold separately.