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Realistic Model Series - Mobile Suit Z Gundam ARGAMA Catapult Deck - 1/144th scale HGUC

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"Camille, go to Z Gundam!"

Last year's "Gundam 40th Anniversary" was re-sold as a RENEWAL EDITION, following the popular "White Base Catapult Deck" Gunpla 1/144 HGUC series dedicated diorama display model latest work .. Introducing the "Assault Space Cruiser Argama" catapult deck from "Mobile Suit Z Gundam"! In contrast to the white base, the open type catapult deck has been recombined into a compact 40 cm wide "fortress mode" to "short" "semi-long" long catapult mode with a maximum length of about 1 m and 4 forms depending on the space. Mode change is possible.

The MS launch pad that moves on the deck can be slid from within the storage gate. There is also a compatible slit on the back of the gate that allows you to join the 1/144 Builders Parts Weapon Rack. You can display your MS etc. in a situation according to your preference. In addition, the main body is a pre-painted semi-finished kit, so you can enjoy it even with bare hands, but if you are a real hobbyist, you can use the included marking decals to enjoy further details. . In addition, accessories such as exclusive attachments for wall displays are also available. Please enjoy the 1/144 catapult launch scene with a realistic feel.

  • This product can be rearranged in several patterns depending on the space.
    (Reference size in longest long mode) H260 x W1020 x D220 (approx./mm)
    (Reference size in shortest fortress mode) H260 x W410 x D330 (approx./mm)
  • [Painted semi-finished assembly kit] Agamama catapult deck body
  • (catapult tip, deck block, living block, etc.)
  • Special marking decal (water transfer)
  • Other accessory parts (attachments for wall hangings, screws, instruction manual)