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MODEROID Armed Unit for Mazinkaiser - Valiant Dagger

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STOCK ARRIVAL : Jul 2019 - Email us to check for availability 

Equip to Mazinkaiser! It's the armor-carrying vehicle "Valiant Dagger"!

From the plastic model series "MODEROID" comes a new entry in the "Mazinkaiser" universe. This armor parts set can be equipped to MODEROID Mazinkaiser (sold separately). The armor parts set can also be combined to make the "Valiant Dagger" vehicle. Equip to the separately sold MODEROID Mazinkaiser to create the Armed Mazinkaiser Go-Valiant.

The runners are separated by color as well as pre-painted parts allowing the model to look amazing simply by being put together! The model is made from PS and ABS plastic. Extra details can be added with the included decals.

Assemblable plastic model kit. Not to scale. Approximately 170mm in length when built.