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Groove Pullip Fluffy CC

With Mokomoko's clothes. She has a lovely red face.

Pink shadows on the forehead and nose emphasize the whiteness of the skin,
It has a soft and warm impression. The pink and light blue lined eyelids have a cute wink. The state where you can see a little light blue is very cute! Flowers are blooming in the glittering clear eyes.

The wig has a sweet shade of white, pink and light blue Super long hair! Straight hair is also cute, It's long enough to enjoy hair arrangements, so For hair arrangements that match your outfit. Please try it ♡

When the poncho wears a hood with ears. Excellent compatibility with gloves designed with paws! The collar decoration can be adjusted by the position of the hook.

The fluffy fabric of boots, gloves, and bear pouch of the marble color. I'm looking forward to the shades after I get them! Please welcome and be healed by the fluffy fluffy!

Set contents:Doll body, Hair ornament, Gloves, Kuma-chan pouch, Doll stand, Profile card.
Product size: Height approx. 31 cm
Product Material: Doll Body : ABS / HIPS / TPR / POM ; Costume: ABS / TPR / ATPC-PVC / Polyester ; Hair: PET / Polyester ; Doll Stand: Alloy / ABS