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RIOBOT Iron Giant Battle Mode

Iron Giant Battle Mode Appears!

Iron Giant Battle Mode with the self-defense function activated and the right arm in the war arm state. 

Produced in 1999, 19 years after its release, it is still very popular and has been loved by fans all over the world!Released as a finished product toy with full action, full coloring, and some die-cast material! Thorough reproduction of unique proportions and a retro-looking form! The total length is about 180mm with an outstanding presence. It is possible to reproduce scenes that were impressive in the play, such as crouching poses, lying-down poses, and physical education sitting when interacting with the hero boy, Hogarth! Equipped with a movable part drawer mechanism, etc., realizing a highly flexible action without compromising design! 

  • Size: 180mm
  • Material: die-cast, ABS, PVC, PA
  • Accessories: grip hands (left), open hands (left)