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An iron castle appears!!

"Mazinger Z" appears in the RIOBOT series! The action scene in the play can be reproduced with its own movable gimmick. 
Includes "Dynamic Scruander" developed at the Photon Power Laboratory as an original toy armament. You can enjoy various modes by recombining iron swords and jet engines. 
Enormous wings are stored in “Shield mode”, and when deployed, they transform into the crazy weapon “Dynamic Breast-fire”. “Mazinger Z” that no one has ever seen, such as the armor that protects the hover piler on the head is here!!

  • Size: Head height approx. 160mm
  • Material: Die-cast, ABS, PVC, PA, POM
  • Accessories: Hover piler, dynamic scrander, iron cutter, iron sword, hand parts (fist, sword, holding hand x 2 each), dedicated pedestal.