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Oh Gatcha

Sumikko KUJI Part 17 - Sumiko To Miko

KUJI Ticket available at 25C Art & Hobbies !! 
For KUJI Ticket purchased at ohgatcha.com, your tickets will be open on 24th MAY (FRI) FB LIVE 8.30pm 

This Sumikko KUJI has a lot of cute miscellaneous goods even if you use or decorate the stuffed animals of Sumikko that have become the life of the Bohai Sea.

Plush : 4 designs (4pc total)

Phone holder : 2 designs (2pc total)
Bento : 2 designs (28pc total)
Plush pouch : 2 designs (6 total)
Star plate - set of 4 designs (4pc total)
Coin pouch - 4 designs (56 total)

*Additional postage will be charged according to type of winning prizes.