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Ultimate Article - MASKED RIDER Φ's

Crimson Smash “Standing by”.

A powerful scale that combines supreme detail and gimmick! After the 15th anniversary of the airing of the popular UA series, Kamen Rider Faiz has finally appeared from the fourth popular Kamen Rider, “Masked Rider 555”! Boasts an overwhelming presence with a big scale of about 30 cm and details that are precisely reproduced in detail. Also equipped with LED light emitting gimmick that is also a feature of Faize! With switch ON1, the head ultimate finder and photon stream on the right leg emit all light. By switching to ON2, the fluid energy “Photon Blood” on the right leg relays light sequentially from the lower back to the feet! -

Reproduce the waiting state "Exceed Charge" of the special move "Crimson Smash" as it is! In addition, the photon stream that covers the whole body, except the right leg light emitting part, adopts phosphorescent paint and emits red light dimly in the dark. Two types of pedestal stickers (work logo and smart brain logo) are included! Please enjoy the realism of fuzz fans.

Product specifications :Pre-painted finished product ; Exclusive pedestal included ; Built-in LED gimmick (Head head finder emission, right leg photon blood relay emission) ; Pedestal seal (2 types) included * AAA battery x 3 (sold separately)

 Approximately 300mm in height