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V.F.G. MacrossΔ VF-31A KAIROS

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- [Mass Production Machine that was active in [Macross Delta]], VF - 31 A Chiros appears for the first time at Variable Fighter Girls!
- Girls wearing the fuselage are female daughters of a planet VOLDOR, a planet with evolved cat-shaped mammals!
- Cute cat eyes with a blindfold short hair that imagined a monocular head of a tail, a charos in a cat ear that is a feature is full!
- In addition to reviewing the arm mounting structure at the time of Batroid according to the bust-up, the range of movement of the arm has also improved.

- Aircraft is newly shaped with VF - 31A shape main wing, anti - aero laser
- Reassess arm mounting structure during Batroid, improving arm range
- Cat ears tail, image of Voldor who features tattoo pattern under eye
- Three kinds of face parts are attached, such as a fake face, a cry face,
- Seal for color ring reproduction, eye decal included

- Scale: non scale
- Size: Overall length of the aircraft: approx. 205 mm Frame height: approximately 155 mm
- Material: PS / ABS / PVC
- Reproduction of three forms by deformation, parts reassembly
- Snap fit model
- color coding
- Seal included for color reproduction